Each part of the body – and every art medium – acts as a mirror that reflects aspects of ourselves, our relationship to others, and our relationship to the world. In Level 1, we use artistic and therapeutic principles to uncover and explore a “body mythology” that connects us to the compelling events, issues, and questions in our lives. Working with intermodal art mediums – movement, drawing, vocalizing, writing, and dialogues – we reflect on our history, who we are now, and the changes that we would like to embody in order to live more artfully in all aspects of our lives.

The training group also acts as a mirror. Through group creativity and learning, we develop the skills and sensitivity that allow the collective environment to serve as a place where transformation happens. The process that unfolds reflects the nature of interpersonal relationships, family stories, and community issues. It also motivates us to cultivate collaboration, collective creativity, skillful communication, and the value of differences and diversity within a supportive setting.

In the immersion format, following an opening week of introductions to the practice, each week will focus on a different body part that inspires individual and group themes, art explorations, body awareness exercises, movement studies, and partner and group interactions.

During the last three weeks of the training, a final, life-sized self-portrait is created and explored. In the final week, we enter into acts of completion and transition to facilitate the shift from the studio and training community life to daily life at home.

In the weekend format, a different body part is explored each weekend with several weekends devoted to the exploration of self-portrait drawings and ritual performances inspired by the self-portrait and training experience.