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The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy: Working with Movement, Metaphor & Meaning by Daria Halprin cost: $26*
Drawing on her extensive experience in expressive arts therapy, Daria Halprin presents a unique approach to healing through movement and art. Interweaving artistic and psychological processes. In this book she offers a philosophy and methodology that invite the reader to consider the transformational capacity of the arts. In this essential resource for anyone interested in the integration of psychotherapy and the arts, Halprin also presents case studies and a selection of exercises that she has evolved and practiced at the Tamalpa Institute for over twenty-five years.

Remembering the Wisdom of the Body by Georgina Jahner cost: $30*
In this powerful and inspiring dvd, Georgina tracks the experiences of five women as they use the tools of the Halprin Process to reveal, express and develop a more vibrant relationship with their womanhood and their bodies. 37 min. Available also in European (PAL) format.

Breath Made Visible a film by Ruedi Gerber
"This is the first feature length film about the life and career of Anna Halprin, the American dance pioneer who has helped redefine our notion of modern art with her belief in dance's power to teach, heal, and transform at all ages of life.This cinematic portrait blends recent interviews with counterparts such as the late Merce Cunningham, archival footage, including her establishment of the first multiracial dance company in the U.S., and excerpts of current performances such as Parades and Changes at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, to weave a stunning, inspiring account of one of the most important cultural icons in modern dance." 80 min. Available in DVD and European (PAL) format from

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Daria Halprin's book, The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy, is also available through Amazon.

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