Anna Halprin
Daria Halprin
Joy Cosculluela
Maria Luisa Diaz de Leon Zuloaga
G. Hoffman Soto
Dohee Lee
Adriana Marchione
Jamie McHugh
Ken Otter
Alice Rutkowski
Rosario Sammartino
Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

Individual faculty members bring varied backgrounds of extensive study and practice to their training in and teaching of the Tamalpa work and have articulated their own approaches in the field of somatics and expressive arts in varied settings from performance to teaching in universities, growth centers and organizations around the world. All faculty have authored books and articles on their work and maintain private practices. Senior faculty trained in our work in the early foundational years and have contributed to the research, development and articulation of the Tamalpa approach and methodology.

Faculty for our Level 1 and Level 2 trainings are listed below. For more information about faculty members, click on their names.

Level 1 Immersion Faculty   Level 1 Weekend Faculty   Level 2 Immersion Faculty   Level 2 Weekend Faculty
  Core Faculty:       Core Faculty:       Core Faculty:       Core Faculty:  
    Daria Halprin         Joy Cosculluela         Daria Halprin         Daria Halprin  
    Dohee Lee         Adriana Marchione         Adriana Marchione         Adriana Marchione  
    Rosario Sammartino         Maria Luisa Diaz de Leon Zuloaga         G. Hoffman Soto         Ken Otter  
    Special Guest:                 Ken Otter         Maria Luisa Diaz de Leon Zuloaga  
    Anna Halprin                 Rosario Sammartino       Adjunct Faculty:  
                    Adjunct Faculty:       Anna Halprin
                        Anna Halprin         Jamie McHugh  
                        Jamie McHugh         Alice Rutkowski  
                        Alice Rutkowski         Joy Cosculluela  


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