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Level 1 Training Program - Weekend Format
April 2012 - February 2013
Mountain Home Studio, Kentfield, CA

The year-long weekend training format begins in the Spring of each year. Participants meet for 3-day weekends(Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and for 4-day intensives (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The training closes with a 2-day weekend (Saturday, Sunday). Most training days are 10:00AM to 5:15PM. Some Thursdays begin at 1:30PM and go until 5:30PM.

Between each weekend session students are given extensive "home play" so that students can practice integrating the work into their daily lives. Exercises in the form of journal writing, drawings and short movement practices are utilized to both assimilate the material explored during each weekend and prepare for the following one.

The Level 1 Training Program is taught by a remarkable team of Tamalpa core faculty members.*  Joining our team this year is master teacher Daria Halprin, MA, REAT, RSMT, originator of the weekend training program. We are very pleased that Daria will be available to spend the August 4-day intensive with this year’s Level 1 weekend training group.  Daria is the co-founder of Tamalpa Institute, author of The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy, and contributing author of Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy.  Her work has made a "significant contribution to the coming of age of expressive arts therapy in relation to our global society" (Jack S. Weller, California Institute of Integral Studies).  Daria teaches at universities, growth centers and presents at conferences throughout the world.

Adriana Marchione, MA, REAT, RSMT, CHT, is a well-experienced and active professional in the field of expressive arts therapy and related fields in arts and psychology.  For over 20 years, Adriana has been involved in the arts as an exhibiting artist, dancer, arts curator and healing artist.  Adriana has spearheaded many innovative projects and programs including the Spirit in the Arts exhibit program at California Institute of Integral Studies.  She also was paramount in developing 543 Wellness, a collaborative healing arts collective in the Castro District of San Francisco in 2008.

Taira Restar, MA, RSME, is a movement artist and arts educator with extensive training in visual arts and an MA in Movement Education.  Taira leads classes, workshops and events in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process and in the Halprin approach to adults, children and communities. She has taught at San Francisco State University, Hancock College, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), Oakland Museum, and Esalen Institute.  She is Anna Halprin’s Associate teacher, and has been a member of her performance company.

Joy Cosculluela, RSMT, RSME, brings her experience in somatic bodywork, movement and performance to the Tamalpa Life/Art Work.  She is a member of Anna Halprin's Performance Company and has performed with various groups in the San Francisco Bay Area where she also leads Swimming the Waters, a site-specific performance workshop.  She has appeared in Daria Martin’s film, Minotaur. Joy teaches Movement Ritual classes at Anna Halprin's Mountain Home Studio and has led Movement Ritual summer workshops for students from all over the world.

* In addition to their specializations, all faculty members have been trained at mastery level in the Tamalpa Life/Art work.

Level 1 - Weekend Training Program
Total Hours: 300 hours (235 contact/studio hours + 65 home-based study hours)
Tuition: $5,500 ($500 off if register before February 17, 2012)
Tuition Deposit: $500 due by March 2, 2012
Tuition balance: $5000 due by March 23, 2012
Application Deadline: $75 non-refundable application fee due by March 2, 2012

Level 1 - Weekend Training Program
2012 2013

April 12 - 15

May 4 - 6

June 8 - 10

July 13 - 15

August 9 - 12

September 7 - 9

October 4 - 7

November 2 - 4

Nov. 30 - Dec. 2

January 3 - 6

Jan. 30 - Feb. 3

February 23 - 24



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