Tamalpa Institute Calendar of Events


June 2017

Date Event
June 19 - June 23 Movement As A Life/Art Process with Anna Halprin & Rosario Sammartino

Away from the distractions of daily life, this workshop offers time to feel and listen deeply to the powerful intelligence of the body, to play and express with imagination through the arts, to create personal and collective dances.

July 2017

Date Event
July 23 - July 28 * CANCELLED - Workshop with Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin at Esalen Institute

Unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled by Esalen Institute, due to road closures following severe damage during winter storms. It will be rescheduled for July 2018.

In honor of Anna’s 97th year, join Anna and Daria Halprin at Esalen for a special teaching collaboration! Joined by guest artists/musicians Dohee Lee and Jahan Khalighi, Anna and Daria will interweave their original work in an exploration of the body in movement and imagination, life and art, individual and collective dances and stories.

September 2017

Date Event
September 15 FREE Meet the Work Evening at Tamalpa

Join us for a special free introductory evening of the Tamalpa Life/Art approach held at the historic Mountain Home Studio in Kentfield, CA.

September 16 Tamalpa Experience Workshop with Rosario Sammartino

The Tamalpa Experience introduces an approach that enlivens dialogue between body and imagination, life experiences and art making.

September 23 Singing Body with Dohee Lee

Through breath and rhythm, we tune our body instrument and free our voices to explore sounds, songs, and movement.

October 2017

Date Event
October 14 Master Class with Daria Halprin at Alonzo King LINES Dance Center

In this unique movement and expressive arts approach, participants will explore the connections between body, feeling and imagination, discovering new ways to bring authenticity, passion and insight to personal themes and to artistic practices.

October 28 Healing the Wounds of History Through Theatre with Armand Volkas

Armand Volkas will demonstrate his innovative approach to working with intercultural conflict transformation, collective trauma, and peace building.

November 2017

Date Event
November 18 The Resilient Landscape of the Body with Adriana Marchione

Participants will be introduced to the dynamics of trauma through the Tamalpa Life/Art Process. This workshop will address somatic responses to stress, use drawing and movement to explore triggers, and open up possibilities for resilient responses.

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